Recording Shots

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Some shots from the recording of EDI

Big Butch Bull FIddle

La Vieja Glorieta

Adrian and Elise

James at work

A Devin at rest tends to stay at rest

An Adrian at rest tends to be broken

An Elise knows rest is for the weak

A Prang knows only contemplation and action

Jocelyn, waiting for her tibetan chime solo.

Adrian: What?!

Prang, pretending he's not Batman


Mr. Kinney, man of mystery

Adrian doin' what he loves

What did I miss?

Right before leaving to fight squid

This drumming sober thing is thirsty work

I play the beer, not the piano

Makyee Mak, mysterious

CIA fuel

Ashleigh Delaye of Montréal's Trips and Falls lends her pipes

Mioux: Mioux!!
Elise: Listen ot this album or I'll EAT THIS KITTEN!

You see what happens to bad cats?

We cannot escape. Oh noes!!1!!

Ryan Mathieson runs the voodoo down

Rory Sutton takes the Gretsch for a spin

Devin kicks out the jams, mofos.

Don't interrupt us while we're planning to send a bomb back to the BEGINNING OF TIME

Pictures shot by Adrian Yip, Ryan Mathieson, Elise Hall-Meyer, James Dangerous, and others unknown on the same camera, so who knows who shot what.