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Described simply, James Dangerous & the CIA
are a psychedelic hillbilly blues band. More accurately, the CIA are a community of professionals; shows have anywhere between three to nine performers at a time, and this flexibility makes every show unique.

Founded in 2007 as a studio project, the CIA has naturally developed into a proficient live band. Whether performing their considerable repertoire of original songs or leading audiences in hopped-up, foot-stompin’, singable cover tunes, JD & CIA always deliver exciting, raucous entertainment.

Core Members:

James Dangerous: Vocals; Guitar
Devin Bates: Banjo, Bass, Accordian, etc; Vocals
Cathy Billington: Fiddle
Daniel Bourassa: Bass; Drums; Mandolin; Vocals
Jocelyn Grossť: Drums; Vocals
Elise Hall-Meyer: guitar; Vocals; Tambourine
Ian Kinney: Percussion; Vocals
Michael Prang: Piano
Adrian Yip: Bass; Vocals


Past Featured Guests/Honorary CIA Members for life:

Red Davis: Harmonica; vocals
Devon Dunbar: Drums
Ryan Fitzpatrick: Vocals; guitar
Evan Freeman: Drums; Guitar
Laurie Fuhr: Vocals; Bass
Lance Scollen: Lead guitar
Victor Ulloa: Drums, Percussion
Stuart Wershof: Lead Guitar
Jeremy Williams: Drums

. . . and more all the time.

James Dangerous
Photo by Marsh Duncanson

Devin Bates
Photo by Alisha Weng

Cathy Billington
Photo by Marsh Duncanson

Dan Bourassa
Daniel Bourassa
Photo by Alisha Weng

Jocelyn Grossť
Jocelyn Grossé
Photo by Peter Grosse

Elise Hall-Meyer
Photo by Alisha Weng

Ian Kinney
Photo by Alisha Weng

Michael Prang
Michael Prang
Photo by Ryan Mathiesen

Adrian Yip
Adrian Yip
Photo by Peter Grosse