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Hypnoblues, baby.

Update 1 March 2010
Once we're all done gettin' you hepped up on March 5 — four long days from now — we're putting the needle back in the vein! Come check us out Mar 12 at the Marquee Room with The Painted Pines and Black Dirt of the West!! Holy hell, it'll be beautiful.
Update 17 February 2011
Hot damn! We've hacked back into the website (seriously . . . we were locked out for a bit there). Hokay, here we go:
Had some fabulous shows at the Distillery, the Auburn, Sam's Bar & Grill, and the Palomino recently that simply cooked. A whole bunch of you were there, too, and we loved you for it.
Sam's is going to be a regular once-a-month gig for us; it's the three hours of CIA power you knew and loved at Henry's, with 100% less crackheads. And it's right in the middle of our stompin' ground, Kensington. The next one is March 5, and we've got some very special things lined up, including a wild, mad, blues-slide-jam-medley prepard for our third set. Don't miss that shit!
Also, keep your eyes peeled for some bonus tracks, coming soon to a jamesdangerous.com near you.
Speaking of peeling eyes, don't ya dig the Hypnoposter above?
Update 16 November 2010
Lookout! Another Henry's show above, and coming this friday!
Well, what else? In the last month, we've done a live show recording of EDII, and a live room recording (generously produced and engineered by Shane Roberts). Now we're going to undergo the arduous task of mixing and editing, but we're excited to let you in! Keep your eye on this webpage for some early, rough takes.
We also played a show at the Calgary Zoo last Saturday, for Momentum. We were treated like kings, with a delicious four course meal, wine, beer; we provided the song, of course. The room in the Enmax Conservatory was beautiful, with Jungle all around us and butterflies flitting by the glass of a nearby room. It was lovely.
We're also playing Vern's in December as part of the two-day Blue Bones release party! You can preview the poster in our gallery, and the line-up is smokin'! We can't wait to see you at that particular hot party.
Update 14 October 2010
A very special CIA show is coming your way, one week from today! We will be debuting ALL of Legalize Evil: Encyclopædia Dangeria Vol II live at Nelson's! We'll also be recording the proceedings, and some of the live recording may make it onto the album, so come down and lend your beautiful hollers to our record!
    We'll be joined that night by poet Colin Martin, poet and songstress Laurie Fuhr, The Ogden Owls(hoot!)and that dashing gentleman of Haggard Beat fame, RED (Ryan Davis). It'll be a kick-ass night!
    Perhaps most importantly, the evening will be a fundraiser for the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, a place that's dear to our hearts. So come on down! I mean, what's better than drinking beer, partying to fabulous tunes, and saving wildlife all at the same time?
Update 17 September 2010
Hell yes! After a wild party at Nelson's on September 4 (check out the highlight reel HERE), the CIA are returning tomorrow, Sept 18, to fire up the joint. We're also super-happy to be paying with Bowser's Brood (hell, six of us are in the Brood), your local Calgary musical plumber-destroyin' supergroup (rescue this, Mario)! We also get to meet The Leather Jacket Club for the first time. 1020 8 Ave Sw. Doors at 8pm. It's going to haul ass!
p.s. If you missed the link above, we have a new highlight reel on Youtube, shot by Peter Grosse. We think it's pretty damned good for a video shot on DSLR with a pinhole mic; you still can't beat the CIA live, though, so come on down tomorrow night!
Update 1 September 2010
The recording shots in our gallery are finally up! Thrill to the making of EDI as we prepare for EDII.
Speaking of EDII, the plan is to record the album live at a venue this coming October. We want you there to join us and lend your hollers! Stay tuned, true believers.
Update 31 August 2010
Look out! Blue Bones will be kraken up the stage with the CIA this Saturday, September 4. We will have both our big butch bull fiddles out that night; that's right, two upright basses, one stage. Your brain will 'splode with joy.
Our Live Shots in the Gallery are updated and expanded, and we've switched up some photos in the Intelligence section, too. Go have a look!
Also: CIA Swag on reverbnation. If you go to our store there, you'll find shirts, a travel mug, a tote bag, and even ringtones for you intrepid cell-phone users. Outtasight!
Update 25 August 2010
Hello again. This is just to say: our new press kit is up in the "Press Kit" section. Go have a look! It's chock-full of all the CIA B-Movie goodness you've come to know and love.
ALSO: Our second album is now under way! Legalize Evil: Encyclopædia Dangeria Vol. II is our tentative title. It's fifteen tracks long, and we've got over half of those tracks down pat. It will contain some of your live favourites, such as Rate of High Speed, Bitter, Loaded Left Hand, Coffee & a Cigarette, etc. We're also hoping to record the whole durned thang live once we're ready, so stay tuned, true believers: we'd like you in the audience hootin' and a hollerin', right there on wax!
Lastly: we've still got a few of our stickers left (the ones featuring Illythinia, Queen of the Squid People). Give us a ring-a-ding-dang and we'll give you some sticky! 
Update 3 August 2010
The CIA have been added to the bill at Miao Miao's Marquee Room show! 612 8 Ave Sw, 8:30 pm. Dig it!
Also, we have new, exciting stickers (see above). Show up at a CIA show and ask for one, and we'll be sure to hook you up. Free, of course.
Update 29 July 2010
James is sitting in with Haggard Beat tonight at the Marquee Room . . . it will be a party, and Deadhorse will be there too. So come and enjoy your Thursday!
The CIA is setting King Henry VIII on fire again tomorrow night. We'd love to see your drunk, smilin', hollerin' faces there. And you can have one of our BRAND NEW STICKERS!!
Lastly: Our second album is underway. It will be different than the first CD, but not so different from the live act you've come to know and love over the years; some of your favourite tunes that didn't make EDI will be on this new one, so keep your eyes here for updates!
Update 09 July 2010
Hello Again! As you can see above, we have three new fabulous shows for you next week:
· July 12 at Henry VII, 221 8 Ave SW, 8:30 pm, Free.
· July 13 at the Marquee Room, 612 8 Ave SW, 2nd Floor. 8:30 PM. $10.
· July 15 at the Distillery, 615 7 Ave SW. $5.
Henry's is 3 hours of CIA power; I'm still not sure who we're playing with at the Distillery; BUT the Marquee Room show is with Danny Rebel & the KGB and The Fabulous Lolo (both from Montréal) and our Calgary friends inFUNKstigation. It'll be a crazy party and a once-in-a-lifetime show, so don't miss it!
James & Jocelyn's little guy, Alex, is two months old and already a rock star. Look out, world! Or, as Alex would say, "Oooo!!"
Update 27 April 2010
First off: a new VIDEO, shot and edited in less than 24 hours: Rate of High Speed. Thanks to Alisha Weng for both the camera and cello skillz, Tegan Haslam for her camera work, and Adrian Yip for his all-night editing. Go forth and watch and watch again!
Secondly: I'm having a baby soon. (This is James speaking, and drummer/wife Jocelyn Grossé's actually having the baby, but it's my kid too!) this may well slow down the CIA for a bit, but we still have a gig on May 12 celebrating Alex's birth, and plan to be active in June and onward (just not quite as active as originally thought). However, Alex(our son)is automatically CIA member #10, and will be rocking with us soon. 
And this is just to say: Our Distillery show was a smashing, frothing success! Look for us to play there again during the Stampede at the very latest (early July for you non-Calgarians).
    I confess, when Black Reign, a death metal band opened the night, I wondered at the prospects for our humble weird-as-hell country band. They had a bunch of people rocking and even a dancer on the floor, and I was curious to see how our pickin' and twangin' would fly.
    Chron Goblin, another metal-type band (are those Rage Against the Machine influences I detect?) followed suit. Hey, it's a metal bar, and these bands are definitely welcome here. But would we be?
    Then Redrick Sultan, our Vancouver friends, blew the place apart. They're hard to describe (check out their Myspace page here to see what I mean); the closest I can come is to call them a jazz/klezmer/rock/blues party band, which seems a poor description. They're even better live than on their record, which I've been listening to like crazy. But man, they hit people hard, pulling eyes, ears, and feet towards the stage. Philly, the bar owner, told us later that he felt sorry for whoever had to follow Redrick Sultan. Of course, that was us.
    We started off with My Back's Soaked Through, and made the intro extra slow and twangy. There was visible bewilderment. and then we got faster and louder than ever before. Then we launched into Rate of High Speed, followed up with some HOWLING Howlin' Wolf, and by the time we hit song four (Coffee & a Cigarette, introduced as: "now for a song with lots of extraneous shouting"), everyone was shouting and screaming. So we can proudly add death metal enthusiasts to the homeless kids, baby boomers, senior citizens, animal lovers, rockers, hipsters and others who've loved freaking out with the CIA.
     All the usual criminals were there, with the exception of Prang (off training) and Jocelyn (off due to housing a baby). Special thanks to 9th CIA member Dan Bourassa for sitting in on the drums again.
    Last band of the night was, sadly, not Haggard Beat (Red and Jamie are riding the rails with their guitars right now), but not-so-sadly, a new group called Bowser's Brood. They consist of the great Devin Bates, my man Luc, Evan Webb, Dan Bourassa, Adrian Yip, Cathy Billington, and me. Performing Devin, Luc, and Evan's songs, it was very, very good stuff, and hopefully you'll hear more of them(us)soon.
     And with that long post, see you on down the trail. Stay tuned for details on ALEXFest 2010.
Update 18 March 2010
As your keen eyes have noticed, a new poster! James is all about the poster design (and print design in general); let him now if you want him to do some good works for you!
It just may be that after an insane February, March is a rest month (our next public gig being April 9). However, we have a habit of picking up shows like (um, won't even type the metaphor that just came to mind), so don't be surprised if the CIA pop up again soon.
There's also thinking that we may use the oft-neglected blog, even though this dispatches page is essetially a blog. Any ideas on what the other blog ("Mission Log") could be used for?
Stay tuned, true believers!
Update 5 March 2010
We're rollin' on into March now, with a busy February full of shows and guest spots behind us. Tonight? Come celebrate with ryan fitzpatrick (of Ogden Owls fame) as he observes another birthday! We'll be rockin' King Henry the VIII's as we love to do. And our special guest this evening? Daniel Bourassa of Haggard Beat. He'll be thwackin' on the drums in Jocelyn's absence. We miss her, but are stoked to have Dan sit in again (he played bass with us once before, too). So come on down and break some floorboards with the CIA and RyFi tonight!!
Update 25 February 2010
It's true! James is sitting in with the Pickled Hicks tonight at the Ironwood (1429 9 Ave SE, 8pm). Also sitting in with the Hicks tonight: Matt Olah, Rob Hay, and Erin Ross. Good times a-plenty for all, and all for $10! Deon Blyan is opening.
Update 23 February 2010
Tear This House Down? Sure!
That's what will be happening from 5 pm Feb 26-Midnight Feb 28 at 2040 31 Ave SW. The InFunkstigation's manor of jamming will be destroyed, probably to make room for some infill or condo. But we're not going to let the developers have all the fun. Music and mayhem are the only way to kiss the old house goodbye. The CIA will be breaking stuff on Saturday night, FYI. See us there from 8pm onwards, set sometime after that.
Also, rumor has it (unconfirmed little birdies) that James and Matt Olah (of Cowpuncher fame)will be sitting in with those fabulous Pickled Hicks at the Ironwood Feb 25th. Stay tuned for details on that one. 
Update 18 February 2010
James will be sittin' in and rockin' out with those awesome awe-inspirin' good-timin' boys, Haggard Beat! Go to Vern's, 622 8 Ave SW, for the best 19th of February you can have.
Also: the Paypal "donations" button was broken, and is now fixed. Sorry if this troubled you!
Update 12 February 2010
King Henry VIII tonight! Don't miss it . . . the above poster shows how deliciously mad it shall be.
Also, ANOTHER GIG this weekend at "The FreeX Ain't Free" Fundraiser. We'll be playing with the Ogden Owls (which James and Jocelyn are half of) and Ghosts of the Land.
The Free X Ain't Free Party!
Saturday February 13th @ 8pm
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre
1320 5th Avenue NW
Walking distance from Sunnyside Train Station
Come on out and enjoy the music (and the booze). More fun than you can fit inside a really big yak!
Update 25 January 2010
A whole spate of updates for you today . . . see the calendar for showtimes in February, March, April, and May!
NEXT UP: A real barn-burnin' TOGA PARTY with The Eternal Optimist Party, Sarah Vann, Darren McDade, and we the CIA. That's right: your favourite CIA madness wearing only bedsheets and cowfolk boots 'n' hats. The above decadent poster sports the details, as does the calendar!
Update 08 January 2010
Hello Friends. Long time no see. Don't worry, we've been busy playing, jamming, and writing. We've done a series of "private" charity gigs—our last show was on Xmas day at Inn From the Cold, playing carols for homeless families, shouting and cheering (with help from our good pals, Friends and Neighbours). Now we're goin' public again, and you can catch us at King Henry the VIII pub, Jan 15, 8:30 pm. Check out the giant mantis poster above for the mad details!
    And we have it on good word that there's a little Dangerous coming this April . . . yes, James and his wife Jocelyn (our rock star drummer) are having a little boy then. So we've been busy, making music and future musicians (James hopes).
Best of 2010 to you all. We'll be playing quite a bit, so come down and share some awesome with us! Drop us a line at info@jamesdangerous.com. We'd love to chat with you!
Update 24 Sep 2009
The CIA are playing a free show at Inn From the Cold family shelter in downtown Calgary tomorrow (September 25th, 2009) at 7:30 pm.  


Update 20 Aug 2009
As you may have noticed, our first album, Encyclopædia Dangeria Vol. I, is now online and it's all yours. Just take it. We want you to have it.
Just click on the record cover above.
Update 18 Aug 2009
We'll be opening for Erin Ross and Cowpuncher, Broken City, Aug 27th, 8pm. This will be an extra opportunity to celebrate our new album, so come down, hear some tunes, and have a pint with us!
Update 06 Aug 2009
Psst! The album, Encyclopædia Dangeria, Vol. 1, will be released online, and free!, 20 Aug 2009. Be sure to be here that day and get it first!
Update 07 May 2009
The CIA have two members on away missions, but still have THREE upcoming shows!
First up, we support the always-awesome, boot-stompin' face-paintin' facial-hair-sportin' Haggard Beat on 15 May at the Dog & Duck  5340 2 St SW. It will be a party, 'cause that's the Haggard way!
Second and third, we're playing the AB Records Songwriter's Showcase on 16 May at Shotz Bar and Grill 120-3350 34 Street NE, 4PM and the same showcase again at St Vivians Irish Pub, 16666 Mckenzie Lake Blvd SE, 4PM. Elise is rumoured to be playing some of her own work that night, so prepare for some amazing tunes!
Lastly, Agent Yip is off travelling the Caribbean, while Agent Prang has gone East to engage in secret naval tactical training involving tear gas and submarines, or something like that. It's classified. We wish them luck, and are looking forward to their safe and eventful return. Bon voyage, Agent! 
Update 22 April 2009

James and Elise will be interviewed on CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary this morning at 10:15 MST! http://www.cjsw.com/ The Show is Bella Musica, and it should be a hot AM.


The Tin Lions and Haggard Beat will be playing with us tomorrow at the Brickyard. It should be quite the party! Doors @ 7, Show @ 9. $5 Cover. 213 10 Ave SW Calgary.






Update 17 April 2009
Just confirmed: The CIA will be playing The Brickyard on 23 April 2009. The show will start at 9 pm, doors at 7. Guests TBA . . . stay tuned for more!
Update 06 Apr 2009 –
Just confirmed: The CIA will be playing at the Maritimer 11 April 2009. Show starts at 9:30 pm, with special sit-in guest star ryan fitzpatrick (of The Ogden Owls) and more TBA.
We'll be debuting some of Elise's songs that night, too.
Update 03 Apr 2009 –
This just in: The Pickled Hicks play The Maritimer Tonight. James may get up and sing a Hank Williams tune or two. Time: 9PM.
Update 27 Mar 2009 – 
Just learned from the organizers of Papa Wheely that tickets to their Dreadful Gestalt show will be advance only. They're $20, and if you want one, please mail info@jamesdangerous.com, or get in touch with Papa Wheely.
Also, James might be sitting in with The Pickled Hicks again soon, as word on the street has it (actually, James ran into Jeff on the street). If you missed the last two sit-ins, catch one of the upcoming ones: they're always a hoot and a holler or ten, and James does his best to live up to the Hicks' motto: "Never stop in the middle of a Ho'-down." Details TBA.
Lastly: SWAG coming! If you've seen our updated front page, you'll know what our big waterproof sticker looks like . . . but did you know there's a button coming too? (Hint: you can get to the front page at anytime by pressing the . in the top left corner of the webpage.)give us a shout if you'd like some swag: we'll see what we can do!
Update 19 Mar 2009 –
Eleventh Transmission interview with downloadable music up in our new "press" section. More tidbits coming soon!
Update 17 Feb 2009 – 
Uncle John's Band: Erin Ross and James Dangerous co-lead Uncle John's Band, hosting Vern's open mic.
Vern's, 26 Feb, 622 8 Ave SW, Calgary. 8:30 pm.
The Ogden Owls: ryan fitzpatrick recruits Jocelyn Grossé, Laurie Fuhr, Dylan Sadlier-Brown, and James Dangerous for a wild show.
The Marquee Room, 612 8 Ave SW, Calgary, TBA.
Update 12 Feb 2009 – *SHOW*  NoD Magazine Launch Featuring NoD Magazine co-editor IAN KINNEY! guest starring James Dangerous and the CIA.
7:30 pm, 20 Feb, Weeds Cafe, 1903 20 Avenue NW
"Nod" is spelt with the orthographic "–" over the o, and is pronounced "node".
Update 22 Jan 2009 – New pictures up in the Gallery: thrill second-hand at the glories of the Owl Howl, or relive your glorious owl-saving glory!
Seriously, though: best CIA live shots yet. Also, Micah Stone, Devin Bates, The Ogden Owls, The Pickled Hicks, and Erin Ross are featured.
Update 15 Jan 2008 - James will be sitting in with The Pickled Hicks at the Ironwood. The show starts at 8pm. While James will only be playing a few Hank Williams tunes, the Hicks are a never-miss proposition!

CONTACT: info@jamesdangerous.com