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Jocelyn, James, and Laurie Fuhr serve up ryan fitzpatrick's wise visions of great music. These visions include stabbing bears, and are generally deep insights into the doucheness of nature.

This music will infect you with its venomous awesome.

Everybody's favourite haggard hard-timin' honky-tonkers.

Featuring the great Adrian Yip on bass, as well as a stellar line-up of of friends, neighbours, and musical masters.

Always awesome, boot-stompin' face-paintin' facial-hair-sportin' . . . hell yes, it's a damn fine night out.

Damned good guitar and banjo. Damned good beef jerky, too.
Stellar guitar and passionate performance.

Some beautiful music, some beautiful people, and sometimes, sometimes, beautiful TOGAS!

These guys are a gas gas gas. Seriously.

A wild and crazy funk/jazz/hip-hop/whatever-it-takes jam band; if we're not playing a show with them you might just see some CIA members up there inFUNKstigatin', especially Elise!

A Heartbreakin' Honky Tonk Rock 'n' Roll Revue with the best URL this side of anywhere. We (heart) Cowpuncher.

They do good work with wildlife; we help when we can by fostering, volunteering, and playing benefit shows, of course..

A shelter for Calgary's homeless families. We love to do benefits for them; so much so that we played for the kids there on Xmas day!

Performance! Mayhem! Yes!
You wanted the best, you got it . . .
ladies and gentlemen: NoD!
Visionary educator and artist. James edited and designed his most recent book.  
Louder, Heavier, Nushier.

Just like it sounds.
Be our friend.