Encyclopædia Dangeria, Vol. I

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 Encyclopædia Dangeria, Vol. 1


   Side A

01 Mr. Maladue
02 Love-Lost Booze
03 Cinnamon Hearts and Cigars
04 Black Butterflies
05 Five Dollar Joint
06 The Ballad of One, Two, & Three
07 How Do I Say I Love You?

   Side B

08 Mr. Maladue (reprise)
09 Money & Time
10 I Can't Cross the River
11 Gravity's Ghost
12 My Back's Soaked Through (with the mornin' dew)
13 Something Beautiful
14 Last Taxi
15 Theory and Practice Collide Unexpectedly in a Bar
All songs and design ©2009, James Dangerous & the CIA. All rights reserved.
A note on the production:

This album was recorded with a conscious effort at capturing some of the magic our heroes, those past masters, managed to with their recordings. Thus, most of the album was recorded live off the floor with a bottle being passed around, and very little has been done to "modernize" the sound.

As a result, there may be imperfections in the recording, but don't fret: we like it that way. We wanted it that way. We prefer our music pits and all.
Recorded at La Glorieta, Calgary, Alberta.
Mastered at Blue Mountain Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee.

Recording Line-up:

James Dangerous, Vocals, Guitars, Banjo.
Elise Hall-Meyer, Drums, Vocals.
Adrian Yip, Bass.
Michael Prang, Piano.
Cathy Billington, Fiddle.

The Awesome Squad:
Devin Bates, Cathy Billington, Debbie Brunke, Ashleigh Delaye, Jocelyn Grossé, Joshua Grossé, Ian Kinney, Maykee Mak, Colin Martin, Ryan Mathiesen,  Michael Prang, Rory Sutton, vocals on Mr. Maladue, Theory and Practice Collide Unexpectedly in a Bar.

Technical Aspects:

Produced by Devin Bates, James Dangerous & the CIA.
Engineered by Devin Bates, James Dangerous, Adrian Yip.
Mastered by Tony at Blue Mountain Mastering.

All songs written by James Dangerous, arranged by JD & the CIA.

Current Line-up:

James Dangerous, Vocals, Guitars, Banjo.
Elise Hall-Meyer, Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine.
Adrian Yip, Bass.
Michael Prang, Piano.
Cathy Billington, Fiddle.
Jocelyn Grossé, Drums, Percussion, Vocals.
Ian Kinney, Djembe, Percussion, Vocals.

Mad props to:

Our families and friends, of course. If you think this includes you, we do, too. Thanks so much to you all.

Our other friends: Tony (Salvatore Monella) at Blue Mountain Mastering, Devin Bates, The Awesome Squad, Peter and Evelyn Grosse of PNE Photography, Alisha Weng, all the boys in Haggard Beat, Hazel Corcoran and Greg O'Neil at Prairie Sky, Katie Constantini at Riddout Barron, Louise, Nichola, and the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, Papa Wheely, Vi An, Sally and Rob of The Eternal Optimist Party, The Pickled Hicks, Erin Ross, Craig and all the cats at Broken City, AB Records, Tom at the Brickyard, The Maritimer, Kenna Burima and Paul Kennett at CJSW 90.9FM, Uncle John's Band, NoD Magazine, filling Station Magazine, The Ogden Owls, Sadlier-Brown and the Sound, Passion Pitch Poetry, the Mustard Seed Street Ministry, the Big Idea Foundation, the World Wildlife Foundation, Rum and Tea.

Adrian would like to thank breakfast for always being there for him.

In loving memory of Solo, 2001–2009

CONTACT: info@jamesdangerous.com